Portal Settings

 The ‘Pallets’ tab options:

Allow Pallet Activities: must be enabled.

Allow Disassembly of Pallets: to allow access to the program.

  Accessing the Application

For Companies that have Multibin License Plating, press the Advanced icon. The ‘Disassemble Pallet’ icon will start the program.

Buttons at the bottom:

Exit: to exit Scanco Warehouse.

Send: to send all data collected in all applications.

Setting: to adjust settings.

Logout: to change users or companies.

  Pallet ID prompt

Scan, key in or lookup Pallet ID to advance.

Buttons at the bottom:

Back: to move back to Main Applications screen.

Keys: for the on-screen keyboard.

Lookup: for seeing all available Pallet IDs. the number in use in Sage.

Send: to send all data collected.

Enter: press after keying in data at Batch prompt.

Send data collected

The ‘Send’ button at the Pallet ID prompt should be pressed periodically.

Buttons on Send confirmation pop-up:

Yes: will send data collected to Sage to be imported.

No: to cancel send.

Send Completed

Press ‘Ok’ on the confirmation message to continue.

Sage Unattended Barcode Transaction Import: must be running for real-time entries to be created in Sage Inventory Management module > Main > Pallet ID Inquiry

Where it goes in Sage

The pallet will not include any items after this process is completed.