Problem: PopulateLogic Error "Unable to add Header Record"

This can be caused by many things, but the first thing you can try to troubleshoot are permissions

Many times the main cause of this error is the Local Service Permissions on the MAS90 folder got removed. 

Here is how to re-add the Local Service to the MAS90 folder. 

Open Sage > File > Run > *info and it will open this screen.

Gather the MAS90 folder path from here. 

"C:\Sage\Sage 100 Standard\MAS90" 

Open File Explorer and navigate to the MAS90 folder. 


Right Click on MAS90 folder and hit properties 

Go to Security. 

Click Edit > Add 

Then hit Check Names, and then OK. 

Make sure to allow full control. And then hit apply, and you are done. 



Check to make sure you have the correct BarCode PVX Installers 

Make sure to run the Convert Barcode Files.