Sage, Multi-Bin, JobOps versioning. As you’ll see below for Multi-Bin pre-v2019 it's best to use the IML (Installed Module Listing) since that will have the Sage version and MB build date. For JobOps/Sage 100c Manufacturing you have to look at the About JobOps/About Manufacturing task as the IML will not have the JobOps version


Found in: IML (Installed Modules Listing) or under Help then About or Sage 100 button on ribbon

Sage uses a versioning number in the following format.

1 = Major version

  • 2019 = 6.10
  • 2018 = 6.00
  • 2017 = 5.40
  • 2016 = 5.30
  • 2015 = 5.20
  • 2014 = 5.10
  • 2013 = 5.00

2 =  Product Update, generally 1-8

3 = Generally not used

Example: would be version 2018 product update 2, would be version 2016 product update 3





Found in: Library Master -> Setup -> ACS Group Product Registration and IML (Installed Modules Listing. If the customer is on v2018 or below of Sage 100 always get this info from the IML as it includes the build date which is vital. Can also query SY_Enhancement through Remote ConnectIT using the following query:

Select * from SY_Enhancement where ModuleCode = 'I/M' - The build date will be in the EnhancementName field

Multi-Bin uses a versioning number in the following format. 1.11233.

1.11 is Major version

2 is product update

33 is internal build number



Build Date in example below is 6/18




JobOps/Sage 100c Manufacturing

JobOps appends the Sage version number with an additional digit. Generally 1-5, and referred to as the JobOps Release for that version of Sage, because for every major version and product update we have at least one release of JobOps.

Found in: Manufacturing -> Setup -> About Manufacturing

Example:, release 1 of JobOps for version 2018 product update 2 of Sage 100., release 2 of JobOps for version 2017 product update 4 for Sage 100