Error 65 popping up when attempting to open Item Maintenance or Item Inquiry 


Error 65's  usually means that the UI elements are not able to fit on the panel.   Item Inquiry/Maintenance is a popular screen to throw this error in about 1 out of 50 installs.  A few things we could do.

1) Try resizing the panel header or the nested controls to allow for more room.  Also, I would not want to assume but has the Custom Office update panels to latest version utility been run at least once since re-installing MB in the new environment?  Normally the tech/installer runs that piece but would like to rule it out, so I would recommend running that utility as well.

2) It could be that you have customizer changes that are interfering with the Multi-Bin screens. 
You can test this by following the following instructions: 

Go to File > Run - in the Program Box type *ESC 

You will receive the following prompt: 

This will temporarily turn off all customizer changes to screens for ONLY your session.  Go to Item Maintenance and see if the Multi-Bin tab is visible now. 

You will follow the same process to turn Escape Trapping back off (and re-enable your customizer changes) 

If you CAN see the Multi-Bin tab with escape trapping turned on, that means that you have customizer changes that are causing conflicts.  We would recommend that you work with your re-seller (or whoever built the customizer changes) to rebuild them on the new panel.  If that's not possible, we may be able to engage one of our developers to help with the screen merge.