Sage (Scanco) ShopFloor Install



    1. Grab the files necessary from FTP
      • FTP\Builds\SageShopFloor.Desktop\Release
      • setupconnectit64.exe
      • setupdashboard.exe
      • Dashboard Query Statements.txt
      • If installing via a second connectit service you can download the x64 here: Ftp\WMS_AUTO_UPDATE\
      • Barcode Imports -


      • Create new (or use existing customer code)
      • Add Customer name as it appears in Sugar
      • Set admin username and password
      •  Add description
      •  Licenses are Manufacturing based (Match User count to Sales Order)
      • MF Settings for Shop Floor (Enable Basic)



    1. Log into Sage with username and password provided to you by the Checklist inside of Sugar.
    2. Navigate to Library Master > User Maintenance to get Role information and verify user has access to companies needed.
    3. Navigate to Library Master > Role Maintenance
    4. Verify all modules are checked, for Tasks, Security Events, Module Options, and ODBC Security.

       5.  Navigate to File > Master Console

       6.  Once users are confirmed out of Sage close out of Sage yourself.

       7.  Run the Sage Installers

              •  Base installer first i.e BC61021.exe

              •  Specialty i.e BC61021_JO or BC61021_PM

              •  Multi-Bin i.e BC61021_MB

        8.  Run the BC installers as admin (ALL OF THEM)

               •  Hit next until you are asked for an install destination, this is the MAS90 path, ensure it is                correct and hit “INSTALL”

        9.  Once you’ve run all needed BC installers you can relaunch Sage and complete step 4 again.
       10.  From within Sage Modules > Mobility for Barcode > Setup > Mobility data file conversion
               •  In 6.00 of Sage and forward you will only need to run this once per Sage instance.
       11.  Hit Proceed on popup
       12.  Once these steps are done users can return to Sage.

    Connectit Side

       13.  Configure ODBC Connection
             • If 64bit ODBC is not installed you can install from                                                            MAS90\WKSETUP\PREREQUISITES\64BIT ODBC (Run as Admin) 

    14.  Create 64bit System DSN

      • Data source name “RF64”
      • Description “Scanco”
      • Fill in Database Directory with the directory of the MAS90 folder.
      • Fill in Company code, default user id, and password.
      • Fill in Prefix for data files and path to view DLL.
      • Dirty Read, Burst Mode, Strip trailing spaces checked and 4MB cache
      • Test connection

    15.  Install Connectit Service

      • Connect IT application will download needed programs through its installer.
      • Server Setup Port 50000
      • Sage 100 (Unless Sage 100 SQL) You can check using the *info in Sage command))
      • Sage> File > Run > *info > ok
      • Customer Code = (Code is found in when the customer is created)
      • Connection String should be correct by default “DSN=RF64”
      • Login Info (Sage user login(MUST BE PASSWORD FOR ODBC) “I.E. Scanco P@$$w0rd”)
      • Next
      • Finish

    16.  Populate with company codes

    • Open IE or Chrome and type in this API command
    • https://localhost:50000/api/setup/setupconnectit
      • If prompted with “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” just hit continue to the website.
      • That is a good file, bottom shows companies, warehouses and salespersons sync

    17.  Go Back to and find the correct customer code and open it back up

    18.  Manufacturing Profiles > Create New

      • Name Default
      • Companies (Only companies they want to use)
      • Warehouses (Only warehouses they want to use)
      • Leave Users Blank
      • Labor Entry, Material Issue, Material Completion, Status Update all get “Allow (Transaction Name)” , “Enable Send Button”, “Allow Review”
      • Permitted Lookup all are checked
      • Hit Create

    19.  Hit Manufacturing users > Create Many



      • Start index will always be 001
      •  Number of users should be the same as licenses.

    21.  Extract Scanco.WMS.ShopFloor.Zip to that folder

    22.   Create ShortCut of the Scacno.WMS.Manufacturing.exe

    23.  Right click Shortcut, Hit properties and add DEBUG at the end of the target

    24.  Launch Application by double clicking the shortcut

      • Settings
      • Server: LocalHost
      • Port: 50000 (Unless you changed it in Setup Connectit
      • Enter – Enter

    25.  Wait for checkmark top right hand corner then hit the fingerprint icon and login with usernames passwords you made in portal.

    26.  Run transactions through to test while having import open.

    27.  To open import for 2019 its in Property Management > Mobility for Manufacturing > Mfg EZ import.