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Sales App - Could not create a new ProvideX session - BOI issue

This is because ConnectIt cannot trigger the BOI business object interface.

There are three things involved and you have to check all three.

About #1 below, if the Sage workstation setup did everything properly Scanco would not have this issue.


1. Check the Sage path in ConnectItSettings.xml

    1. Open "C:\ProgramData\Scanco"
    2. Open "ConnectItSettings.xml"
    3. Make 100% certain the path to the Sage folder is the correct path.<MasFolder>C:\Sage\Sage 100 Standard\MAS90 MB</MasFolder>


2. BOI is not registered properly on the ConnectIt service server.

Steps to Resolve:

    1. Connect to the ConnectIt server.
    2. Check #1 above. Is the path included and correct?
    3. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage\Common Components
    4. Run RegCom.bat AS ADMIN, close CMD.
    5. Run pvxcom.exe AS ADMIN, this will not do anything that you can see. 
    6. Copy "pvxcom.exe" into the Sage "Home" folder. If it already there, then cancel. 
    7. Run pvxcom.exe AS ADMIN, this will not do anything that you can see. 
    8. Test Sales App, if it does not work then you need to read all the logs that were created on the day you tested and see if you can figure out why BOI is not working. If you cannot figure it out, advance to #3 below.


3. The customer does not have enough Sage licenses. If you have 5 Sage licenses and 5 users in Sage then you do not have any open licenses for ConnectIt to use to create the Sales Orders. Example: Sage Users 1 ,2, 3, 4, and 5 are in Sage and ConnectIt is set up to use Sage user "Scanco", there are no open licenses. I have seen Sage say the #of Licesenes in Use was less than the Total #of licenses available and BOI still did not work. I had the customer tell everyone to get out of Sage and BOI worked. That is not a problem Scanco can solve.

SOLUTION: Set  ConnectIt up to use one of the Sage users that is always in Sage, then ConnectIt is 'sharing' that user license. TELL THE Customer that if the user that is set up in the "ConnectItSettings.xml" changes their Password, is disabled or deleted from Sage then ConnectIt will stop working for ALL Scanco programming that talks to ConnectIt.


[2020-11-20-11:02:26 AM] KRC