Scanco Sales User Manuals

Sales App: Proof of Delivery Programming

Steps to Set Up 'Proof of Delivery'

  1. Log in to Sales App
  2. Press “Sales Orders” button.
    1. image0-1
  3. Press “By Number” or ‘By Customer”
    1. image1-2
  4. Choose the SO# by touching it on the screen.
    1. image2-2
  5. Touch the up arrow button at the top.
    1. image3-1
  6. Choose Proof of Delivery
    1. image4
  7. Proof of Delivery Screen
    1. image5

Red items are NOT allocated, you must item the red items IF you want to deliver them.

Green items are allocated, nothing needs to be done.

Sales Order Color Legend






Press DONE once you have collected a signature.

Change the bin if needed and enter the quantity shipped.


If the signature was left out purposefully, then press Yes

You can say yes or no to typing in the name of the person that signed.


Confirm the upload to sever and after the invoice is created in Sage the screen will show the Invoice number and the user can press OK to move to the next SO#.


IMPORTANT: The “EZ Import” must be running in Sage for the Invoice to be created.