Existing Customers Before 3/01/2018 require a mod: Enable SS_USE_COMPANY_LOGO 

 - The URL textbox will appear only for power users (not Scanco Admins).


Customers log into their portal account \ you cannot do this on the admin side.

Click on the Company link

fill in the full public url to the image to be used as a logo:

After typing in the url, press the ‘Set’ button to get a preview:

press the save button and the image should now show in the list of companies.

Open the Sales app, press the ‘Reload Credentials’ to pull changes from the portal:

On iOS, tapping the logo image [below] opens it in an image viewer.

We cannot show the image on android, but it does show the url to the image.

Printing the receipts will now have the new logo: