To explain the feature, how to install it, and how to address common errors.  


What is "Sales Order Picked Item Selection" anyways?

Shows all picked data by the scanners that is stored in a separate table in Sage.  This is for non-Multibin version of Scanco's Picking applications.  It is located in Sage:

  • Sales Order Module
  • Main
  • Sales Order Picked Item Selection


Is this custom?  How does a customer get it?  How to install?

Non-Multi-Bin customers who purchase Scanco Warehouse Advanced Shipping or Enterprise are entitled to this feature.  It is automatically part of the Barcode module installer (the one installed by Support to apply our class enhancements).  


What does it look like?


Clicking the Sage task gives error - BC140_WA_TIERDIST_UI.  Why?

Certain tables or screens may be missing.  To resolve:

  • Sage Client:
  • File > Run > SYZCON 

This should fix the issue above.  If it does not, please contact L3 Support or Barcode Module developer.  Certain files may need to be dropped in manually on certain systems.