Scanco MP2 Install Guide


    1. Download and install
    2. Initiate communications to ConnectIt and Scanco Portal
    3. Detour for Scanco Portal entries
    4. Return to MP2 Setup for configuration
    5. Place label definition files
    6. Additional information


    1. Download and install
      • Copy setup file to MP2 workstation from \\\Builds\MP2\[latest setup file].
      • Run setup file.
      • MP2 shortcuts can be found in Start Menu, in All Programs, and on Desktop.

    2.  Initiate communications to ConnectIt and Scanco Portal
      • Double-click shortcut to open MP2 Setup.
      • Enter local IP address for MAS server into ConnectIt Address:
      • Enter 50000 into Port:
      • Click Test Service button (ConnectIt service must be running on customer MAS server). Expect failure at this point.
    3.  Detour for Scanco Portal entries
      • Admin login to
      • Search Customer.
        • Click on Customer Code result.
      • Activate the MP2 device, created from MP2 Test Service (ConnectIt service must be running on customer MAS server).
        • Click on Devices
        • Activate new entry for MASPRINT-[CUSTOMER CODE].
        • Also mark WMS and Exempt
      • Create a Warehouse User for MP2
        • Click on Warehouse Users
        • Click on Create New
        • Complete Create Warehouse User form:
          • Name MP2 Printing, and may include a warning not to delete.
          • UserID can only be 3 characters, so MP2 is logical.
          • The conventional Scanco password is always 123456.
          • Select the appropriate Profile, Default Company, and Default Warehouse from the drop-downs.
          • Active is selected by default; do not deselect.
          • Create button returns view to Warehouse User list.
    4.  Return to MP2 Setup for configuration
      • After entries are made in Scanco Portal, reclicking Test Service button should result in message Software Registration Success!
      • Click OK
      • Select Default Printer from drop-down. Users may select others when printing.
      • Label Path: a network share can be created if multiple computers print labels.
      • If label definitions include substitution codes for Keyboard Prompts or UDFs, make entries on those tabs.
        • Other tab highlights:
          • Customers with ACS MultiBin installed should have that enabled.
          • Disable Auto Select will result in lists not being all selected – this can save users time when only a small subset of listed items require a label.
          • Ext Desc (Chars Per Line) changes number of characters (without orphans) that will appear when using substitution codes $ITEM_DESC_EXT1$, $ITEM_DESC_EXT2$, etc.
          • Default Print Quantity usually set to Prompt Me.
          • Any changes will be saved with the Accept

    5.  Place label definition files

    • Clicking View Folder button on MP2 face will result in error message, which can be dismissed with OK
    • Ctrl-click on View Folder button will successfully open the Label Path as defined in MP2 Setup.
    • Label definition files should be placed into the opened folder.
    • These label definitions will be available from the Print dialog at time of printing.

    6.  Additional Information:

    MP2 Installation & Setup Guide

    MP2 User Manual

    MP2 Install Guide