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  1. Introduction and Uses 

  2. Setup for Next License Plate ID Number 

  3. Pallet Case ID Type Code Maintenance

  4.  How to Select Next License Plate ID Numbers

  5. Setup to Link IDs to Unit of Measure Codes 

  6. Purchases - Assign License Plate ID to Receipt Header, Containers 

  7. Purchases - License Plate ID Number Receipts Auto Assign

  8. Purchases - Default ID Number in Distribution

  9.  Purchases - Print Pallet ID Tags 

  10. Pallets and Cases - Quick Transfers, Links and Breaks 

  11. Pallets and Cases - Links and Breaks samples 

  12. Sales - Committing ID Inventory, Distribution Grid 

  13. Sales - ID Type Distribution and Selecting Top Level Inventory

  14. Sales - Directed Picking and sample

  15. Pallets and Case Packs Inventory Maint Quantity Available 

  16. Pallets and Case Packs Picking Sheets

  17. Pallets and Case Packs ID Invoice and Shipping. Print pallet reports shipping

  18. Pallets and Case Packs ID A/R Invoice History 

  19. Pallets and Case Packs ID Maint setup Override weights and volume 

  20. Pallets and Case Packs ID In Facility UDF and Pallet List Form

  21. Pallets and Case Packs ID B/M and W/O Finished Goods