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Scanco Multi-Bin - Starship BOI option overriding standard SO Shipping (manual) functionality

When "StarShip BOI Creates Shipments" Option is enabled, Pre-Allocated Goods do not automatically ship in Shipping Data Entry.

Sage 100 Version 2019.2, Multi-Bin Build 610290


Problem : When utilizing the "StarShip BOI Creates Shipments" option (shown above), using Shipping Data Entry for manual shipments (non-StarShip) causes pre-allocated goods to no automatically show as shipped and distributed.

Expected Behavior : Manual Shipping Data Entry should function the same with or without the StarShip BOI option.  Pre-allocated goods should she shipped with the distribution populated with pre-allocation information.

Resolution : Hotfix ID 17807 : Scanco Support has resolved the issue described in this article.  Please reach out to with your company information, a copy of your installed modules listing (Library Master > Reports > Installed Modules Listing) and request HotFix 17807.