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Scanco Password Changed in Sage

    Customers who change the Scanco account password in Sage will cause the scanners to immediately stop working.

    To resolve, the simplest way is to set the password back to what it was originally.  If this is not possible proceed with the steps below:


    1)  Edit all ODBC Connections that rely on the username/password combination.  

     - 64 bit:  odbcad32.exe

     - 32 bit:  \windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe

    Sage Server = Check the System DSN and edit any of the Scanco related data connections.  Common naming conventions are:  RF, RF64, WOSCAN, JOSCAN, etc.  


    2)  Restart any services (or programs) relying on the datasource.  

     - Scanco ConnectIt Service

     - Optionally:  Any related SQL Services containing a 'Linked Server' object to Sage.


    Scanco ConnectIt Service:

     - Stop the service instead.

     - Edit:  C:\ProgramData\Scanco\ConnectItSettings.XML

     - Update the Password field element.  File -> Save

     - Start the service.


    This is required for business object access to Sage.