I have new devices that need access to the Scanco Warehouse 100 app. I also have old devices that no longer need access to the Scanco Warehouse 100 app. How do I get these devices set up properly?


You have multiple options when it comes to this. If you know the "DeviceKey" (shown in the Scanco Warehouse 100 app under 'Settings'), you can provide the old and new device keys of the scanning units to our support staff at to get these set up for you.

You also have the ability to do this through your own Scanco Portal login, which is provided to the administrator of your Scanco account.

You will see your device accesses under the Devices tab.

The DeviceKey is the best way to identify your current devices as it is unique for all devices.  Don't know how to find your DeviceID? Check out this article: How to find my Device ID in Warehouse 100?

Disabling Accesses to Devices

To disable a license to a device, you will need to uncheck the "Active" checkbox, and also the "For Warehouse" checkbox for the device you are disabling. The changes should be saved automatically.

Please note that your device, if logged in, will immediately lose access to your Scanco database, so ensure all work is completed on the scanner before disabling the device.


Enabling New Device Access

If you have previously attempted to connect to your Scanco account on the new device using the Warehouse 100 app, it may show up in this list. If that is the case, you just need to enable the "Active" and "For Warehouse" options for the new device, and it should be automatically enabled. If you have the device open previously, you will likely need to restart the app or device to get "Connected" properly.

If you have not previously attempted to connect to Warehouse 100 on the new device, the next time you do, it will automatically authorize the device if you have remaining authorizations from disabling your old devices.