Example 1: Check the box shown below...


Example 2: You put $SER_NUM$ on the label and the items being printed are not Lot\Serial BUT the label still has a barcode that when scanned contains no data. Below shows the issue.

HERE IS THE SOLUTION available at this minute.

Create sub in WMS Configurator like this: read details below

My Label design has this: ^BY3^FO42,282^BCN,102,N,N,N^FD>:$SER_NUM$^FS

Save a copy of your label and then Remove that entire line from the text file and replace it with $SERIAL$, nothing else just the new sub. Then take the original line from the copy and remove $SER_NUM$  and put it in the SQL Querry shown "as above, so below".

SELECT '^BY3^FO42,282^BCN,102,N,N,N^FD>:' + LotSerialNo +'^FS' as serial FROM {OJ BC_Detail INNER JOIN BC_Distribution ON BC_Detail.UserId=BC_Distribution.UserID AND BC_Detail.HeaderKey=BC_Distribution.HeaderKey AND BC_Detail.DetailKey=BC_Distribution.DetailKey} WHERE ItemCode = '$ITEMCODE$' AND LotSerialNo = '$LOTSERIALNO$'