Best Practices Software Updates for Mobile Devices

Best practices

  • Keep all mobile devices on the same software versions. This applies to both the OS version and the Scanco app version. 
  • If your company has a software modification installed to the Scanco Software we recommend contacting our support department prior to proceeding with any software updates. They will be able to confirm it is okay to proceed with an update. 
  • A list of any installed Scanco Warehouse Modifications can be found by logging into All custom modifications related to the Scanco Warehouse software will be displayed on the portal home page. 
  • Multi-bin modifications will not be included in the list located on the portal therefore this information should be confirmed directly with Scanco Support. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I determine what version of the mobile application I am running? 

This information is found on the device under settings in Scanco Warehouse. 

2. How often does the scanning application on the mobile device need to be updated? 

Scanco Software Updates can be installed as often as you prefer. Some support issues may be resolved by installing an update on the device. If you have reported an issue to Scanco our support department will advise you if an update is necessary to resolve the issue.

How to update Scanco Connectit:

3. How should we handle OS (Operating System) updates on mobile devices?

Check with Scanco's compatibility matrix to make sure the latest OS is supported for the device.  This is posted on our website and/or Knowledgebase.

4. Who is responsible for updating both the Scanco software application and the OS software on the mobile devices?

The updates should be managed by your IT department. This will require an admin password for each device for the updates. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions can assist with pushing updates to devices without requiring an admin password on the device. 

Apple offers a free MDM solution 

For Android, we suggest trying – Pocket Controller for Android. 


5. Should we expect any downtime during a software update?

The Scanco ConnectIt service typically updates and restarts itself within 30 seconds but up 2 minutes of downtime may occur.

6. Where can we get version release notes for the Scanco Software?

Refer to Scanco's Knowledgebase for details of software releases.  The apps typically have a description in the App/Play stores with what has changed on a high level.