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SOP: Modification Process


    Quotes from person quoting will include:

    Dev time 
    QA time 
    Document time 

    (Modifications SOP was written by Joe Bisaha on 5/07/2019 and is attached here.  It needs to be "blended" with the Sugar components of this Zendesk Article so it is not a complete replacement, but a supplement.  Especially on the Sales side of things).  


    The overall process should be as follows:

                     2.1.4  Notes from the meeting will be stored within existing notes in Sugar with the original specifications.

      2.2 If large modification request has been established during discovery with PSG: You have the option to let the customer know that we can get a ballpark cost for them to see if they would like to proceed with discovery with PSG.  If they accept the ballpark or would like to by-pass the ballpark it now becomes a billable engagement of $450.00 Flat Rate Charge for discovery.

      2.3 Owner communicates with the customer that we will need to bring in a PSG staff to walk through the specifics.

      2.4 Owner communicates that this will be billed prior to the meeting with the PSG consultant and credited back if they move forward with the Scanco Solution on their order form.

      2.5 Owner creates a quote within sugar and gets sign off and payment. Converts the order and documents in Sugar>Opportunity>Notes>Modification Request.

      2.6 Owner schedules a Task with PSG member to request times for Discovery call with owner, PSG member, and customer.

      2.7 Discovery call held>Sugar>Opps>Notes with information of the call. 

      3. All information gathered within the Mod Request Notes is required to submit to the product owner within ZenDesk. Hyperlink the information (notes) and fill out within the mod request with all information requested below. 
      4. The product owner will research and reply with the quoted amount.
      5. Salesperson writes up a quote and sends to the customer. 
      6. Customer pays in full/deposit and salesperson emails through same email string that mod is OK for visio; customer paid. (Ticket category at this point needs to be "Modification: Pending Visio)
      7. The product owner creates modification visio and attaches to Zendesk ticket/email.
      8. The salesperson gets visio attachment and sends over to customer; CC’s Technical Writer (TW).

        9.  The customer signs the visio and sends back to the salesperson. 
        10. Salesperson attaches SIGNED modification visio to Zendesk ticket/email and notates it is signed.


          11. Product owner verifies all is set and provides signed visio to development/TW to work (Ticket Category at this point needs to be set to "Modification: Development work begins")

            12. Modification is worked on and completed.

              13. Product owner notifies salesperson the modification is complete and writes any notes for support to implement in the ticket. (Ticket Category at this point needs to be set to "Modification: Awaiting implementation")

              14. Mod ticket is reassigned to support to implement. Modification Implementation Process is implemented to change contact to account contact for scheduling and follow up.

                15. Mod is implemented and the mod case is closed. 


                FOR ALL NEW MOD REQUESTS: Salesperson will create and send an email requesting a modification to the following account. 

                All SPECIFIC mod requests should be directed to these specific email addresses:

                  Requests will be routed to:

                    The result is that the modification request will be routed to the proper product owner immediately and all modification request information will be tracked within Zendesk.

                    The new mod request must contain the following information:

                    Subject Line: Account Name > Brief Description of the Modification (i.e. Front Line Safety > Compound Barcode in SDE)


                      Once this email has been sent it will be placed in the product owners queue for Mod Requests. This will remain a ticket, and comments can be added at will between the salesperson and the product owner about the modification. All communication should be kept within this request so that the entire modification process is documented and standardized for every single modification request.





                      The progress of the modification request can be viewed using the following methods: 

                      1. Modification request email chain: 

                      Public Replies: Any public notes will be sent to salespersons as an update to the mod during the work process to provide to their client.

                      Private Notes: Any private notes will be purely for Keith and internal support’s benefit for implementation notes and will NOT be displayed or sent to salespersons.

                      2. By checking your Sugar Account > contacts > select your personal record under that is linked to your Scanco Email account and view the Fantatical Zendesk Dashlet.

                      You can see the status of all of your mod requests via the Fanatical Zendesk dashlet in Sugar (one-time setup). In order to view the dashlet you must set up the Fantatical Zendesk Dashlet by following the directions below:

                        Once you have made the options for your dashlet, it will be in the sidebar and can be rearranged to be moved to the top.

                        3. Zendesk Portal Account

                        Within Zendesk, your support dashboard will show you all of your case requests and their statuses so you don’t have to maintain them in your email inbox. 


                        QUOTING PHASE

                          ORDER PLACED/PAYMENT MADE

                          The Visio can be attached to an email and submitted into Zendesk. Documents and attachments up to a size of 20 MBs can be submitted and tied to this case ticket.


                          Once the modification is completed, Keith/Sviat (or assigned install tech) will adjust the ticket info for implementation purposes (assuming it is 100% ready for installation):

                              Why we are doing the above:

                                  • Initial requirements
                                    1.1  Owner (salesperson) of mod request reviews requirements with the customer.
                                    1.2  Owner records all necessary initial requirements and enters that information in Sugar>Opportunity>Notes>With Note Subject: Modification Request.
                                  • Owner/PSG
                                    2.1  Owner of the mod request will involve the PSG team task request within Sugar. Assigns the task to the following along with the link to the sugar note will all details of the request.
                                  • Manufacturing: Back-Up:
                                  • Warehouse & Back
                                    2.1.2  PSG has 1 business day to review and suggest times for discovery with the owner and provides that information via the original task and reassigns to the owner.
                                    2.1.3 Owner sets up the discovery call between owner and PSG. 

                                  • The goal of call is to determine:
                                  • if modification already exists
                                  • If modification is close in relation to an existing modification
                                  • Whether the modification is large or small
                                  • TW begins researching documents needing updates or whether a new document is required and estimates high-level timeline.
                                  • TW sends the estimated timeline to Dev. for feedback/preliminary approval.
                                  •  (Ticket Category at this point needs to be set to "Modification: Created Visio waiting on the customer")
                                  • Salesperson attaches the copy of the signed modification visio to the customer Account documents in Sugar.
                                  • TW plans, designs, modify content and/or creates new documentation.
                                  • TW engages SMEs (as required: Product Owners, Dev, QA, Support, PSG, etc.) to review/validate content until complete.
                                  • TW publishes Public-facing documents & updates links in AWS (or other) for customer access. (Private docs published to Zendesk)
                                  • Scanco Warehouse Mods (Scanco Warehouse, MP2 and Scanco Sales):
                                  • Scanco WOScan/XScan/JOScan/Manufacturing Mods:
                                  • Scanco MultiBin Mods:
                                  • Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency/Automation Mods:
                                  • Scanco Warehouse Mods: Keith Cseak
                                  • Scanco MFG Mods: Joe Bisaha
                                  • Scanco MB Mods: Joe Bisaha
                                  • Scanco MFG Efficiency Mods: Joe Bisaha
                                  Account or Organization that is Requesting the Mod
                                  Sage Version
                                  Multi-Bin: If Yes, what version of MB
                                  Job Ops:
                                  Scanco version:
                                  Software being customized: 
                                  Transactions being customized:
                                  Hardware-software will be running on:
                                  Step by step description of what the customer is requesting the product do:
                                  • Open Sugar to your contact (eg. Ross Allen, Cody Smith, etc.)
                                  • Open the Sidecar module on the right side of Sugar.
                                  • Press the dropdown arrow and select ‘Edit’.
                                  • Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and select “Add Row”
                                  • Select “Add Sugar Dashlet” and Select “Fanatical Zendesk”.
                                  • This dashlet can be set up for the Contacts module and the Accounts module. Salespersons will only see MODS under their OWN Contact as they are set as the Requester in Zendesk.
                                  • Once the product owner has concluded their review of how many development hours this will take, they will respond in a comment which will be received by the salesperson as the requester with this information to provide to their client.
                                  • A sales rep will add a line item to the price quote for custom programming and add the description of the mod as provided by the development.
                                  • The number of development hours should be multiplied by $225 to obtain the estimated cost of the modification.
                                  • The requester (salesperson) will receive a final public reply letting them know the
                                  • modification has been completed and is ready for install.
                                  • The Organization (Account) and Contact within Zendesk will be changed to reflect the
                                  • customer.
                                  • The salesperson should be added as a CC to the ticket
                                  • The Subject Line should be adjusted to the following: FINAL MOD#: MOD NAME –
                                  • READY TO INSTALL
                                  • Any ticket replies between salesperson and Keith that need to be moved to internal notes can be done at this time with the “Make this comment an internal note” option.
                                  • The ticket can then be assigned by Keith to any tech capable of implementing it to reach out to the customer to complete.
                                  • Final reply to the salesperson: So they can inform their client they will be receiving a request for installation shortly and can handle any hand holding, etc at that point in time.
                                  • Changing Organization and Contact:
                                  • Standardization: Any tech can see that the MOD #xxx is active and working on for xxx Account.
                                  • Contact: For the user to start to receive communication of implementation of the mod for their account.
                                  • Adding salesperson as CC: So the salesperson can continue to follow their modification request if they wish to have intimate knowledge of the mod and its implementation.
                                  • Adjusting Subject Line: At this point, it is no longer a request and we need to document the final mod name/ID for our Portal and see that in the Acct’s ticket history.
                                  • Ticket Replies Changing to Private: This is purely for professionalism’s sake, but there should not be a great deal that needs to be adjusted here.
                                  • Assigning to Tech: This is the final piece and something that has always been done by Keith even in Sugar