Starship works without any compatibility issues with Scanco.  There are some process changes as either Sage, Starship, or Scanco all contain capability to create the Shipping Data Entry (SDE) record.  

Most customers let the scanners create the SDE record, and, pull up the shipment in Starship with all data already populated.  Exceptions of course for tracking #'s, etc.  Customer may print labels and process shipment knowing all items, qtys scanned are in the proper boxes already.


STARSHIP Desktop PC Client:

Customers who wish to retrieve existing invoices by Sales Order # will need to contact Starship Support.  The unofficial solution is to modify the following registry key:

I just wanted to pass some information on to you. When starship is used with SCANCO there is a registry key that needs to be added to the computer for starship to work with SCANCO effectively. The registry key that needs to be added is this: