1. All S/O Invoices, P/O Receipts and all other transactions need to be updated and cleared in the Live company.
  2. All users are out of the system.
  3. Perform the automatic setup and initialization with our setup wizard.  Select ACS Warehouse Mgmt System Options under Inventory – Setup menu.  It will prompt you to run the Wizard.  Select the warehouses to be enabled or all.  It checks if you have bin locations in stock Sage and will give an option to create primary locations and put existing inventory in the locations.   If the primary option is checked off all inventory will go into a single location.  If you are copying bin locations from the test company – it will be easier to let the system to initialize to a single location.
  4. Copy the bin locations, primary bin locations and your options from your test company.  Some of the files to copy is IM404_MultibinOptions, IM404_BinLocation, IM404_Region, IM404_ItemLocation.
  5. Run Inventory – Utilities – Multi-bin Recalculate Quantity Allocated.  Click ON Rebuild Sorts.
  6. Freeze inventory for your physical.
  7. Because Invoicing won’t know the location to select, at this point no one will should enter any invoices, PO receipts or inventory transactions until Live.  You can still enter orders, do inquiries and process A/R, A/P and G/L.  
  8. If you have Scanco handhelds the Live company may need to be enabled on the Sage server.
    1. Need to restart the Scanco Connecit Service on your Sage server.
      -- On the Sage server, open a Run prompt or Windows menu and type "services.msc".
      -- This will open your Services. 
      -- Scroll down to "Scanco ConnectIt Service" 
      -- Right click on the Scanco ConnectIt Service and press "Restart". This will automatically turn the ConnectIt service off and then back on again.
    2. Once this is done, force close any Scanco apps on the scanners, relaunch and login from the top.
    3. After these steps, the company code in the portal should show Multi-bin is Active for the Live Company.
  9. Perform counts or import counts and check your work with the physical count register. 
  10. When counts are complete – perform a backup of your data.  Or just retain a copy of the I/M data folder.  All physical data is in the IM404_Physical file.  
  11.  After you update the physical count register you are LIVE.