This seems to be a common issue-- Below are some troubleshooting guides to use to verify where the issue lies, and how to fix it. 

Log Files - ACS (Multi-Bin, WOScan Sync) were kind enough to make us some log files for these kinds of issues from the Sage Side of things. 

  • Send Scanco Support the log files from "MAS90\IMP_Log\(XXX) where "XXX" = company code and the log file from the "MAS90\ACS_GROUP\LOGS from today, they are sorted by date. 
  • Restart the JOScan\WOScan SQL Server and the SyncTimer. 

NOTE: JOScan/WOScan are interchangeable in these instructions 



Restart the "SQL Server (WOScan)"

1. Ctrl + R to open the run command

2. Type services.msc and hit enter

3. Find "SQL Server (WOSCAN)"

4. Right click on the "SQL Server (WOSCAN)" and hit restart.

This service will now restart.


Restart the "WOScan Sync Timer"

1. Ctrl + R to open the run command

2. Type services.msc and hit enter

3. Find "WOScan Sync Timer"

4. Right Click on the "WOScan Sync Timer" and hit restart.

This service will now restart, please wait 5 minutes and try again.

Send Scanco Support the transactions type (I.E. Material Issue, Material Completion, Labor Entry) the WO Number, and a screenshot of the WOScan\JOScan Review Screen. 


Scanco Support you should know a bit more:  

1. The transaction imported inside of Sage fine and the issue is someone deleted the batch, or a training issue. 

2. An error appears "Error in program WOWMA: 4402". When this error appears, Scanco Support will reach out to development.


If all looks fine in logs:

Start the SQL Server Native Client. 

1. Make sure the "Server" we are pulling from is the correct server, if not use the drop down to select the correct one.  

2. The Next Screen brings you to the user name and password prompt. 99.9% of customers use the "SyncServer" login, the password being "P@$$w0rd".

NOTE: When you advance to the next screen and try to select a default database if the username or password you entered is wrong, it will tell you here with the error below: 


Now that we are sure we have the correct User/Password/Server, we need to make sure we are pulling from the correct Database. 

Some users may have multiple databases, like below: 


To figure out which one is being used send Scanco Support the config file from the "C:\WOScan" folder. 

Instructions to retrieve the Config file:

1. Open "File Explorer"

2. Type in the Navigation Bar "C:\WOScan" 

3. Find the file named "WOScanWorkOrder.exe.config" 

4. Copy the file and send it to me. 

Once we figure out which DB they are using, we can make sure to select it in the DSN. 

NOTE: We must have a database selected or it will not work.

Hit Next, and then finish. 

Once you hit finish you will see this screen: 

Hit "Test Data Source..." 

This is what it should look like when successful.


If this screen does not say "Test Completed" please look at the "SQL Server Configuration Manager" from the SQL Server. 

NOTE: Only change the defaults for our instance. 

The defaults for the SQL Server Configuration Manager are below. 

Where the "SQLEXPRESS" instance is our instance in this case. 

Shared Memory, Named Pipes, TCP/IP need to all be enabled. 

If you have to change one right click on the Protocol Name and hit enable, then you must restart the Service for SQL Server Service (SQLEXPRESS).



If still not working,  Scanco Support to escalate to L3 for SQL Server Management Studio. 

Get to the SQL Server if you are not already on it. 

Open SQL Server Management Studio. 

Upon opening the SSMS you will be prompted with a login. Make sure the Server name and the login and password are correct. 

99.9% of users use "sa" with the password "P@$$w0rd" if that doesn't work check the credentials inside of Sugar. 

Next, Navigate to the Staging tables (In the correct Database) for the transaction type they are asking about. 

3 main ones: 




Right click on the table name and select "Select top 1000 Rows"

Here we are looking for the "Processed" Column to see if it made it outside of WOScan. 

LaborTracking, MaterialIssue, Material Completions (WOScan)

Processed=2 it is still inside of the review screen

Processed=0 it is processed out of the WOScan Review Screen and awaiting import into Sage. 

Processed=1 It has been brought into Sage.