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Vendor Lot Serial Number lost from Pre Allocation when order is invoiced and cancelled

Sage 100 Version 2019.2, MB Version 610290

Sage 100 Version 2020.0, MB Version 62001

Problem : When a Lot/Serial Item with a Vendor Lot/Serial Number is pre-allocated, then invoiced and that invoice is cancelled, the Pre-Allocation is returned to the Sales Order, but the Vendor Lot Serial Number of the lot/serial is lost.  The data still exists on the item itself and within the item related data files.  If the user deletes the pre-allocation and re-enters it, the Vendor Lot Serial Number is re-populated properly.

Expected Behavior : The Vendor Lot Serial Number Data should be retained along with the rest of the pre-allocation data.

Resolution : Hotfix ID 18386 : Scanco Support has resolved the issue described in this article.  Please reach out to with your company information, a copy of your installed modules listing (Library Master > Reports > Installed Modules Listing) and request HotFix 18386.  This hotfix will require a technician to assist with adding a data dictionary element to your system which may require users to be out of the system.