Warehouse 100 Client


  1. Cannot log into a company that is in Sage, the portal and the Client company lookup.
  2. Typing in the Company code at the company prompt advances to the Company lookup screen.
  3. Choosing the company from the Company lookup screen advances back to the Company code prompt.

Steps to diagnosis

  • Run ConnectIt in App mode.
    • STEPS: 
    • open Command Prompt as Admin.
    • type or paste this:
      • "C:\Program Files\Scanco\ConnectIt\Scanco.ConnectIt.exe" debug
    • Press Enter and the app mode screen will appear.
    • If there are no error messages that stop the ConnectIt from running...test login process. If you get an ODBC login prompt, check the ODBC driver.
    • If the issue is solved there has to be a Windows User or folder permissions issue. Continue through the steps below.
    • If the issue is not solved, check the ConnectIt service.
  • In services, double click on "Scanco ConnectIt Server" to open the "Properties" window shown on the right below and go into the "Log On" tab.

    • change "Log on as" from "Local System Account" to "This Account" and have THE CUSTOMER enter the "Domain ADMINISTRATOR User" account and password. Restart ConnectIt and test in Remote ConnectIt to see if you can get data from SELECT * FROM SY_Company.

    • If "This Account" is already selected there is something wrong with User\Password. You have to check everything else in this article and then come back to the "LAST STEP" below.
      • LAST STEP: You can try changing back to "Local System Account" and test. If that does not work you will need to have our customer's network administrator fill in the User\Password again.



SQL permissions: If Sage is SQL based version, check to make sure the User\Password that is used in C:\ProgramData\Scanco\ConnectItSettings.xml is set up correctly and that users SQL permissions are as high as possible.


Folder permissions

  • The Sage Folder permissions must include "Local Service" and "Service", and  "Everyone" and ABSOLUTELY must have "Administrators" IF running ConnectIt in App Mode solved the issue.

Sage folder > Right-click > Choose "Properties" >


Folder Properties > "Security" Tab > check for the correct Group or user name, add if needed.


When testing in Remote ConnectIt you should be using the company that you are trying to log into in the WMS client. NOTICE that the company code in Remote ConnectIt is DUR.

  • This statement will work when I am trying to get data from DUR
    • SELECT CompanyCode, ExternalAccess FROM SY_Company
  • This statement will work NOT when I am trying to get data from BFI
    • SELECT * FROM IM_AliasItem


This screen shows external access is enabled for all the companies.

SELECT CompanyCode, ExternalAccess FROM SY_Company


SIDE NOTE: If ExternalAccess = Y, you will see that in the lookup. That is solved in Sage's "Company Maintenance".


Continuing on...This screen shows DMX is in the portal.


This screen shows the DMX company in the client lookup.mceclip0.png


ISSUE: Sage user "scanco" does not have permissions in "DMX"