Warehouse 100 User Manuals

Warehouse 100: Offline Mode

If you are following through this document and you do not see the ‘Offline mode’ button shown on page 3, please contact Scanco and we will enable Offline mode on your server.


Scanco Support Email - support@scanco.com

Scanco Portal setting

 The Scanco Portal is where you make changes to the settings regarding how the programming functions.

 The web address for the portal is: Sales.Scanco.com

 Your portal settings were set up during the installation, and are refined during training.

 Additional adjustments to the portal can be made by your System Administrator.


Enabling Data for Offline mode

Once Scanco has enabled offline mode for your system all your items for any company that is marked ‘Active’ will be available for offline mode collection.

You will have to enable Lot and Serial numbers, Sales Order and Purchase Order data to sync if required.

In the example below, Company ABC is active and I have enabled all options for offline data.


Offline mode on the devices.

If you do not see the ‘Offline mode’ button shown below, please contact Scanco and we will enable Offline mode on your server.

The message shown below will be displayed after pressing the Offline mode button.


Confirmation for Offline mode.

Answer Yes to move forward with Offline mode.



Offline mode final sync warning

If you press Yes to Offline mode and the application presents the message below you should answer Yes so any new data from your server can be added to you in Offline mode data collection processes.


Offline mode applications

Once you are in Offline mode the applications that are available for use in Offline mode will be enabled. Any icon that is gray is not available in Offline mode.



To finish data collection, you must sync back to Sage and send data to the Barcode import.

When you click the offline button to go back online you will get the first message shown below left, click Yes.

Once you arrive back at the Main screen, click the ‘Send’ button, it looks like this.

If you want to see the sync process on your device:

1. Go into setting button and press enter at the server prompt.

2. At the port prompt press the Sync button shown in the star below.

3. The screen below will be displayed and you will see the data that is being synced OR you will see the times when the last sync occured. The Trash can icon at the top right will clear the screen, it does NOT wipe the sync data from the device. The "Sync Now" button will upload any data from the device to the server if you have a wireless connection. The "Reload Now" button will download new data from the server to the device. "Cancel" will return to the settings screen where you can press "Cancel" to get to the Main icons screen.