If you are experiencing an issue with your Scanco Warehouse 100 application please follow these steps: 




1. Restart your Scanco Connectit Service

(Will need to be performed by an Administrator for the Sage Server) 

  • On the MAS server, open a Run prompt or Windows menu and type "services.msc".
  • This will open your Services.
  • Scroll down to "Scanco ConnectIt Service"
  • Right-click on the Scanco ConnectIt Service and press "Restart". This will automatically turn the ConnectIt service off and then back on again.


2. Ensure you have your EZ Import/Unattended Barcode Import running. 

You can find this program by opening up Sage 100 and navigating to the following:

  • Sage 2018 and up
  • Modules >Mobility for Bar Code > Main > EZ Import (Hit Proceed)


  • Sage 2017 and below
  • Modules > Bar Code> Main > Unattended Barcode Transaction Import (Hit Proceed)


3. Device Unauthorized? 

If the device is unauthorized and will not self authorize please navigate to portal.scanco.com and enter your username and password, navigate to the "Devices" tab and authorize the device. If you are out of available licenses and need to purchase more, simply reply to this case and let us know. 


Finally, if the above does not resolve your request, please provide us with this information. 

1. When did this issue first start?

2. Is it happening on all devices, or just one?

3. Are you able to reproduce this issue on demand? 

4. All steps to be able to attempt to reproduce this on our end.

5. What's changed?