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Warehouse Cloud: Alias Item Entry


    A. Warehouse Cloud: Alias Item Entry Overview

    Create Alias Item number directly on scanner in the middle of the warehouse.


    1. Scanco Portal Setting

     The Scanco Portal is where you make changes to the settings regarding how the programming functions.

     The web address for the portal is:

     Your portal settings were set up during the installation, and are refined during training.

     Additional adjustments to the portal can be made by your System Administrator.



    Enabling Alias Item Activities

    On the Scanco Portal, Allow Alias Item Activities must be enabled.

    At the Main applications screen press the Inventory Icon.   Press the Alias Item icon. 

    2. Alias Prompt

    Best possible situation would be to scan the manufacturer's barcode at this prompt.

    Second option is to use the on-screen keyboard to enter the manufacturer's item number. 


    3. Item Prompt

    If possible, scan your company’s item number.

    Other options are to use the on-screen keyboard, or use Lookup to enter your company’s item number.

    Item Prompt

    Buttons at bottom:

    Back: to move back to Main Applications screen.

    Keys: for on-screen keyboard.

    Lookup: for seeing all available Items numbers in use in Sage.

    Enter: press after keying in data at Batch prompt.

    4. Confirmation for Entry

    If the data displayed is correct, press ‘Send’.

    5. Record Collection Confirmation

    Press Yes to confirm, No to cancel. 


    6. Where Does the Data Show Up in a Sage?

    Inventory Management > Item Maintenance > Alias button