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Accessing the Application

Pallet ID prompt

Send data collected

Send Completed

Sage Unattended Barcode Transaction Import

Where the goes in Sage Portal Settings

The ‘Pallets’ tab options:

Allow Pallet Activities: must be enabled.

Allow Disassembly of Pallets: to allow access the program.



Accessing the Application

For Companies that have Multibin License Plating, press the Advanced icon. 

Buttons at bottom:

Exit: to exit Scanco Warehouse.

Send: to send all data collected in all applications.

Setting: to adjust settings.

Logout: to change users or companies.



  The ‘Disassemble Pallet’ icon will start the program.


Pallet ID prompt

 Scan, key in or lookup Pallet ID to advance. 

Buttons at bottom:

Back: to move back to Main Applications screen.

Keys: for on-screen keyboard.

Lookup: for seeing all available Pallet IDs. number in use in Sage.

Send: to send all data collected.

Enter: press after keying in data at Batch prompt.




Send data collected

The ‘Send’ button at the Pallet ID prompt should be pressed periodically.

Buttons on Send confirmation pop-up:

Yes: will send data collected to Sage to be imported.

No: to cancel send.

Send Completed

Press ‘Ok’ on the confirmation message to continue.


Sage Unattended Barcode Transaction Import: must be running for real time entries to be created in Sage Inventory Management module > Main > Pallet ID Inquiry


 Where the goes in Sage

The pallet will not include any items after this process is completed.