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Warehouse Cloud: Wave Batch Picking

    Video Wave Batch Picking 




    Pick Lists Types

    Pick Lists Options

    Wave Batch Order Process

    Creating A Single Master List

    Creating a Split lists

    Processing Wave Batch Orders On the Scanners

    Wave Pick Number Prompt

    Wave Pick list lookup

    Staging Bin prompt

    Item Prompt

    Before Collecting First Item

    Quantity Prompt

    After Collection Of First Item

    Collecting quantity less than quantity ordered

    The “Send” Button

    Changing the Staging bin

    Scanning Incorrect Items

    Lot Prompt

    Incorrect Lot Entries

    Invalid Lot Entry Message

    Incorrect Quantity Message

    Exiting Without Finishing

    Finishing the list complete

    When Pallets Are Involved

    Results when user presses Send in the middle of their list


    Description: Scanco Wave Batch Picking allow the scanner user to choose a pre-assigned pick list that contains prioritized inventory and orders and directs the user through the warehouse to collect the items.


    Scanco will sort the list by Sort Code if it is set up as shown below within Multi-Bin Location Maintenance. NOTE: All bins should be assigned Sort Codes if you plan to use this option if you do not setup Sort Codes items will be in bins without sort codes and be out of order. If the sort code is not set up, the programming will sort by bin - lowest to highest.

    Pick Lists Types:

    Master Pick List – User will pick all items from all warehouse \ bins.

    Split Pick List – User will pick a subset of items from the Master Pick List.

     Pick Lists Options:

     The pick list can be created in many different ways including:

    1. Pick all orders from all warehouses.
    2. Pick all orders from one warehouse.
    3. Pick items within a range of bins.
    4. Pick items within a region.
    5. Pick a certain number of lines.

    Wave Batch Order Process:   Sage > Sales Order > Main > Wave Batch Order Selection

       Creating A Single Master List:

    Following the arrows below:

    1. Click next list button.
    2. Enter a description if needed.
    3. Enter Order numbers range and press Select \ or one order at a time and press Select after each entry to add it to the Sales Order List grid
    4. Red box 4 = Select button described in the previous step.
    5. Double arrow moves orders over to ‘Selected for this wave grid’.
    6. To create a single list, make sure the “Auto-Split” is ‘Unchecked’ and press “Allocate” button.
    7. Accept to finish, and then run the list on the scanner.

    NOTE: To create a Master List and split list you need to check “Auto Split” before you Allocate.

    Creating a Split list:

    Start by checking your options:  In order to allow for creating Split List, set Auto-Split to anything other than NONE and set the Fillrate higher than zero.

    Follow the same steps as the Master List Creation process BUT make sure you check “Auto Split” before Allocate in Step 6.


    Processing Wave Batch Orders On the Scanners Video Wave Batch Picking 

    From the Main application screen, press the Picking Icon.

    Choose “Wave Batch” icon to start the data collection process.



    Wave Pick Number Prompt.

    Three options:

    1.              Scan Wave pick sheet Barcode if you have one.

    2.              Key in Wave pick number and press enter

    3.              Lookup Wave pick number


    Wave Pick list lookup.

    The description is included when the list is given description during creation.

    Staging Bin prompt.

    This prompt will default to whatever bin is set up in your Multibin Warehouse Options.

    Item Prompt.

    This prompt includes:

    Warehouse to remove the item from, staging location to move the item to, Bin to remove the item from, Sales Order number for this item, item to be scanned, Unit of measure from the Sales Order line, Quantity Ordered, Quantity to Pick, Quantity Picked.



    Before Collecting First Item.

    The example below shows the

    Wave Batch Pick Entry screen and the scanner is prepared to collect the first item.

    Quantity Prompt.

    By looking at the Quantity Ordered, Quantity to Pick, Quantity Picked the user can enter any quantity up to the Quantity Ordered.




     After Collection of First Item.

    On the right, you will see the result of data collected includes quantity picked and destination or staging bin. On the left, the next item to be picked on the scanner.

    Collecting quantity less than the quantity ordered.

    If the user chooses to enter a quantity lower than the quantity ordered at the quantity prompt, the quantity will be accepted.

    In my example on the right, I will enter a quantity of 40.

    The result of data collected on the right showing quantity collected is less than ordered, and the next item on left.


    The “Send” Button.

    The user will press the “Send” button at the item prompt if they wish to finish the list without collecting every item and \ or quantity on the list.

    Example: If the quantity collected is lower than the quantity ordered, then the list is not complete.

    Changing the Staging bin.

    If you want to change the staging bin during the picking process, just touch this prompt and enter the new bin number.

    After changing the Staging Location, the application will move back to item collection.



    Scanning Incorrect Items.

    The user cannot collect the incorrect item, message on the right is displayed.

    Lot Prompt

    The lot number that is allocated to the Order will be displayed and the user must scan or key in that lot number.

    Incorrect Lot Entries.

    In my example on the right, the lot to be collected is different from the one I am entering

    Invalid Lot Entry Message.

    The user cannot collect incorrect lot numbers, message on the right is displayed.


    Incorrect Quantity Message.

    The user cannot collect a quantity that is higher than the quantity Allocated \ Ordered.




    Exiting Without Finishing.

     During the picking process, the lines are locked for the scanner user. If the user chooses to exit before finishing or ‘Sending’ their data collected, they have to confirm the message shown on the right.

    Yes = unlocks the lines so another user can continue the list.

     No = leaves the lines locked and this user must finish them later or come back in an unlock them.

     All the items and quantity collected are retained no matter which option you choose.


    Finishing the list completely.

    When the user collects the last item, the program will offer to send the data to complete the list.


    Commit = finishes the list and transfers the items.


    Review = allows the user to remove and redo incorrect entries.


    Next list = places the focus back at the Wave pick number prompt.



    When Pallets Are Involved.

    The user will collect the item first.

     And collect the pallet second.


    And then the quantity for the item on the pallet.


     Results when the user presses Send in the middle of their list.

    “Select” is checked and Qty Picked is locked.


    Video Wave Batch Picking