Primary Pick locations are the “unique” bin location where an item is usually found year round. These locations are generally found in the main picking areas of the warehouse, near the shipping dock. Primary bin location replenishment advices how to rotate inventory from other areas to primary bin locations.




A bin location is designated as a primary in bin location maintenance. To assign an item to a primary bin location, select Item Maintenance, Multi-bin Tab. A bin location will be designated as primary when designating the item to a bin location.

If the item floats in an area designated for primary bin locations, you can use the Multi-bin Option to Auto Assign Primary Bin Locations. As inventory is moved to a location designated as primary the system will auto create the primary assignment to the item. Any minimum or maximum settings in the item’s primary setup will be placed to the new item primary location. The system will self clean the item primary location setup for locations that have no quantity on hand.

The locations entered here will be used in several places:

  • Primary bin location replenishment. Replenishment is triggered when quantity on hand falls below the Minimum quantity. The Maximum designates the maximum quantity to fill this item to this location. When the Maximum is null the system will rely on the capacity settings in the bin location.
  • Replenishment rotation is calculated from the algorithms designed for directed picking. For example in FIFO order. Directed picking does not need to be turned ON for the system.
  • Directed Picking can deplete the primary bin locations before allocating other areas. Can choose to also only pick goods from Primary bin locations. Replenishment will rotate goods to the primary bin location. Goods can be allocated in numbered order. Bin Location 1 is first, Bin Location 2 is second and so on.
  • Directed Putaway advices to store goods in primary bin locations when there is no other inventory to rotate in. Goods can be stored in reverse numbered order. Bin Location 5 is first, Bin Location 4 is second and so on.
  • Primary bin location can be automatically selected in transactions. This improves the time it takes to create transaction and the accuracy of the inventory. Multi-bin options designates when this should occur during Receipt of goods, Shipping, RMA Receiving, B/M Production, and W/O Raw Material Issue.
  • Picking sheets can print primary bin locations first.



Staging locations are where items are stored until something else is done with them. Consider them holding locations. Staging Locations are setup in Inventory Management - Warehouse Code Maintenance.



P/O Receipt of Goods

Auto Assign Bins Prompt for Non Lot Serial Items - When entering a receipt of goods, the system can help user automate the distribution process if desired.

Prompt for Item and Warehouse Buttons - A pop-up prompt will appear, allowing the user to select assignment of the Primary Item location or the Warehouse Receiving Staging location.

Auto Assign Item Primary Bin Location - Will automatically receive the item to the Primary Item location set in Inventory Maintenance.

Auto Assign Warehouse Staging Location - Will automatically receive the item to the Warehouse Receiving Staging Location designed in Warehouse Code Maintenance.


When setting up Multi-Bin Options, you will see there is an option for automatically assigning the “Warehouse Staging Location” to all outgoing items. Based on our setup - this means that when the Sales Order Invoice is processed, everything in that order will be shipped from the SHIPPING bin location.

This means the when the order is entered, all items are pulled by warehouse staff from their primary pick locations and moved to the staging locations. RF scanning users will do this with their scanners. Manual users will do Inventory Transaction Transfers.





Overflow settings you can designate the number of items that warrants putting away to or pulling orders from the overflow area. Also Unit of Measure codes can be selected to advice picking and putaways in overflow locations. This will allow the system to make directed put away and directed picking suggestions for large quantities in a more educated way.

Unit of Measure code selectable in directed picking and directed putaway options.


(*E) Feature for Add-on for Expiration Date and Vendor Lot Traceability

(*P) Feature for Add-on for License Plating - Case Packs, Pallets and Containers

(*W) Feature for Add-on for Wave Batch Picking