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Warehouse Management: Wave Batch Picking and Shipping White Sheet

  • Select orders to ship by fill percent rate and ship/promise dates
  • Prioritize inventory to customers with priority codes to customers  and orders
  • Designate orders as ship complete and to be sure to ship today
  • Print modes: Pick sheets for batches of orders, Pick to Tote, Pick by Zone, Individual Order pick sheets
  • Split Pick Sheets for Zones, Location Types and Number of Lines on orders
  • Pick and Stage Inventory

Wave Batch Picking provides an easy-to-use grid for the selection of orders to pick and ship. The system intelligently tracks which orders have been selected and printed already to determine which orders are still available to ship, taking the worry away from the user. Expedite orders through the process by auto-selecting by the Fill Rate or using the Ship Complete option, lowering the additional freight cost of multiple shipments.

Utilize Customer Ship Priority codes to give those orders shipping priority and override as needed.  Additional order and customer specific options are available, allowing for automatic shipment selection, including Inventory Priority Code, Ship Today, Ship Complete, Ship Lines Complete. The Ship Complete option ensures that the entire order is shippable before selection and all backorders can be set to Ship Complete automatically to save shipping fees on backorder fill.

Wave Batch pick sheets can be printed by bin location and summarize the items and quantities to pick. Picking can be done by the exact quantity advised or, to save time, by estimated quantities. Detailed pick sheets can be printed for each order selected in the batch.

Wave batches can be split into individual pick sheets so that multiple pickers can pick against the same wave batch. Split by Warehouse zones, Location Types and Number of lines to pick.