MISC. Options TABValidate data collected against Item Master table before checking Alias table.


Disabled: data collected at the Item prompt will be validated against the Alias Item [IM_AliasItem] Table before checking Item Master [CI_Item] table.

Meaning, when you scan UPC: 853975005200 and we find an Alias Item number that matches, we change the item [prompt] display field to show Sage Item code: 'B00VKEEY8E' - Item Description: PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser.

The customer should NOT have an Item code = '853975005200'  AND an Alias = '853975005200' that relates to Item Code 'B00VKEEY8E', if they do we will find the Alias and flip over to B00VKEEY8E every time with this option disabled. If customer reports this as an issue, Enable the option and read below. In the real world they would remove Alias 853975005200 that is tied to Item B00VKEEY8E and we would not find Alias 853975005200 which means we would find Item Code 853975005200.


Enabled: Item data collected will be validated against the Item Master [CI_Item] table  before checking Alias Item [IM_AliasItem] Table.

The reason you would want to enable this option is if the customer says "I have a Sage Item code = 'A' and when we scan 'A' into the Item prompt the device screen shows ITEM B". This means we are finding the Alias that should not be in their database.