WOScan Cloud: Application Setup


    This is the main page of Scanco Cloud. This is what it should look like when you first launch the app for the first time. All the fields are editable.

    Launch: You will press launch to launch the program once all the information is correct.

    Settings: You can find all the settings including manual ip address, Linear Pro, Captiva, and color setting here.

    Here is where you will insert the information provided to you in the document labeled “Client instruction” You must hit done in the top left corner to get out of the editable field.

    Settings: The only settings you need to worry about is the manual address.

    Manual Address: By checking the Manual Address bar you will be able to put in an IP address to connect.

    The manual I.P. address in this case will be a local I.P. address if you are connected on the same network.

    Note: You must hit done on the keyboard in order for these values to stay.


    As you can see now below the “settings” button is the manual I.P address you entered previously. If you do not see this repeat the previous step.

    When you hit the launch button you will see these two screens.

    If you have reached this screen and it looks like this you have set WOScan up successfully.


     If you can’t see WOScan you will need to change the ratio settings on the desktop. See “WOScan Cloud Aspect ratio resizing” guide.