WOScan Cloud: Aspect Ratio Resizing

    WOScan Cloud aspect ratio resizing.

    If you launch WOScan Cloud and the you can hardly see the application, follow these steps to fix.

    1. You must log onto the NUC directly. It cannot be remote.
    2. Log in with the user name and password you are using on the handheld device. For instance, HH01 and password info772Qazzi.
    3. Open Control Panel > Appearances and Personalization > Display

    4. Check the box “Let me choose one scaling Level for all my displays”

    5. Custom Sizing options

    • Some different custom size options for different screen sizes.
    • 4.7-inch screen devices 125%
    • 5.0-inch screen devices 115%
    • 6.0-inch screens 110%

    6.  Some options may better fit your needs. You will need to play around until you find the perfect fit.

    7. You will need to sign out for the settings to take effect.

    8. For the changes to take full effect on the hand-held device you will need to sign out on the mobile device following the steps below.

    9. Open Handheld device

    10. Hit Launch

    11.  In the upper right-hand corner you will see a gear symbol.

    12.  Click on the gear symbol

    13. Click “Send CTRL+ALT+DEL”


    14.  Click Sign out

    15.  Re-launch application and the settings will take effect.

    16. Repeat for all devices.